December 07, 2010

An inexpensive Christmas idea: a scrap book page family tree

I finished another Christmas gift last night for my grandma, a scrap book page family tree with pictures of all of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
A family tree - the colours show up more in real light
I found this idea on the Crafting a Green World Blog I had been wanting to make one of these for a little while but it was not until I found some frames at my local dollar store that I finally got my act together to do this.

To show how inexpensive this was here is a breakdown.

Frame : 2 $
Scape paper: 2$
Circle cutter: already owned
Leaf shapes: 3$ from ebay  (cheaper than buying a punch and I have tones left I could more than I would ever want with all the leaves I got)
Photos: I printed from my own printer it only took 3 4x6 sheets and since my ink is inexpensive ( under 30 for colour and black) the total cost is probably way under 2$

my total out of pocket cost was 7$  and for 2$ each I could make many more before I would need to buy supplies again.( I will be trying to make another few in the next few days.

December 06, 2010

Yesterdays Craftyness

Yesterday the little one and I made nearly 100 apple cinnamon ornaments and 8 jars of S'mores in a jar as gifts. Once they have tags and ribbons I will post each individually with more info.

December 01, 2010

A Christmas elf to report back to Santa

A few years ago,  I saw a book called The Elf on the Shelf and instantly loved the idea, but did not want to pay for something that I could do myself.  This year I went found a tutorial for an elf over at the Make Baby Stuff  blog and then a letter all ready to print off from Santa over a Organized Christmas for the elf to arrive at our house with.

The basic of the idea is that Santa sends an elf to the family to watch over the little ones and report back to Santa on Christmas eve and let him know how naughty or nice the little ones were this holiday season, after reporting on Christmas eve Santa leaves his gifts and takes the elf back to the north pole with him..  The one problem is that the elf is a mischief-maker and likes to roam the house in the evenings and is therefore always found in interesting places every morning... think flower pots, sock drawers, cereal cupboards,  and the little ones must search for him ever morning (if school aged they may roam while the little ones are at school)

a close up of our families elf
a bell may yet be added to his hat

Our Family elf hanging out
and waiting to be found this morning
with his letter from Santa.