September 24, 2010

Making a "stain glass window" with little ones.

Faux Stain Glass Window

My daughter and I made this last week, I took lots of picture and will post a how to soon.

September 22, 2010

What to do with a large peice of fabric ...

Make an extra picnic blanket

We have a picnic blanket that folds into a bag and I use it all the time, however it often gets left in the car when my husband takes it to work and then I am always dragging different blankets out to the yard to lay out for picnic lunches, lounging around on or just plain trying to keep the baby from eating leaves and acorns ( this was the case yesterday). I've had this piece of fabric for a while now (revived from a generous freecycler) and have been planning to make an extra blanket, the fabric is fairly heavy and yet folds up small to keep by our back door or even leave in the bin with our chair pads.  and this week I finally got around to finishing it up.

Here is a quick run-down of how I did it.  I cut the fabric in half (it really was the perfect size and was screaming to be made into a picnic blanket from the start.)  placed the two good sides together and sewed around the edges leaving a hole to turn the blanket right side out.  then I sewed around the edges and closed the hole.  finally to keep the blanket flat  i sewed along the stripes on one side in a zig zag pattern so on one side it follows the stripes and on the other it crosses them.

September 21, 2010

Patch Your Jeans with Flair ... The Tutorial

As promised here  is the tutorial for how I patched my jeans I was inspired by the tutorial over at Make It Do I added a few steps to make the patch hold up a little bit better. With out further ado here it is.

Collect the materials Needed
Pre made patch (purchased from Walmart)
Fabric for appliqué
Cookie cutter to  use as template
Stamp to transfer the pattern
embroidery floss
Not shown
scissors, needle, thimble, embroidery hoop and heat and bond

Pick a cookie cutter that will cover the hole you need to cover.
Place the cookie cutter on an ink pad with light pressure (you do not want to damage the pad)
then press the cutter firmly on the back side of your patch that way if you need to reposition or re stamp to leave a darker mark  it you will not leave a mark that will show on your finished project.

Cut out the shaped patch and also create a small patch to cover the back side of the hole you want to patch  it will help keep the patch from ironing on to the back side of your pant leg!

Trim the lose threads from your hole to help remove any bumps from the patch

Iron the hole flat so that there will be not wrinkles under the patch

Cut out the fabric that you would like to use as an appliqué and iron it onto a small piece of heat and bond,  I covered the piece with parchment paper while ironing to protect the iron.  ( there is a second piece for another project I was patching) be sure to follow the instructions on the heat and bond package.)

Cut out the applies and then iron the patches onto the hole putting the small square inside the jeans with the back side up.

Once the patch has cooled ( be sure to wait or the patch may come unstuck)  place the section in an embroidery hoop and pick out the colours of floss you would like to embellish the patch with.

When Stitching,  be sure to go through all the layers of fabric ( I needed a thimble to get it through all the layers) this will help keep the patch down during wear and wash.
It is hard to see but I did the yellow around the centre, Green around the flower then the orange around the whole patch.

Now this step I think is important to keep the knee from getting a new whole right next to the patch.  turn the leg inside out and place a few pieces from the patch that you cut up to extent the patch beyond what is showing and cover any other areas that are stating to thin,  also to cover the knots of the floss to keep them from coming undone.  Again let it cool before turning back inside right.

While you are waiting for it to cool you could patch a few other pieces of clothing, this is the hem on one of my favourite zip up sweaters that got melted some how,  so I added a little flower over the hole.

I ironed it on using a press cloth and then since it was on an edge used my sewing machine to go around the patch.

and here they are on, I may need to do the other knee soon !

Enjoy, happy crafting and please visit my sponsors.

September 18, 2010

Patch Your Jeans with Flair ...

This week I patched some of my Jeans that had some holes in the knees I dont know why but I seem to wear out the left knee.
 The Tutorial is now up.

September 07, 2010

Crafty One Year Olds B-day Present

Little Gifts for a One Year Old

On The long weekend I had a 1st Birthday to go to and while I had bought a gift already I wanted to add a little something to go with it so I pulled out some flannel (receiving blankets that were no longer needed) and some too small baby bath towels from my sewing stash and made a few little gifts to go with it.  and finally since I keep all of my daughters paintings to re-use, That is what we warped the gift up in.

A Crayon Roll ( this actually contains some really chunky Preschool Crayons

Crayon rolled all rolled up

Large Bibs I made this pattern for my oldest daughter and make them any time i have scraps that are large enough 

All Wrapped up

Salsa Night

Salsa Night

Last week I took an evening after picking up 25 Lbs of Ontario tomato at the store for 6 dollars along with a good sale on peppers and onions I decided to try my hand at canning some salsa. I was afraid it would not be spicy enough  however my husband seems to like it and could not stop dipping chips into the big vat as I was simmering it down so I guess I should take that as his approval.

So as promised here is the recipe for the salsa I made last week.

  • 12 lbs Roma Tomatoes (after being peeled and cored)
  • 4 Onions diced
  • 1 Large Green Pepper
  • 2 Small red Peppers
  • 6 Large Jalapeño Peppers
  • 9 Cloves of Garlic minced
  • 1/3 C Coarse picling salt
  • 3/4 C Vinegar
  • 3 Tbs Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tbs Paprika
  • 1 Can tomato past

Combine all ingredients in a large pot bring to a boil and let boil gently uncovered for at least 60 min.  halfway through I took a potato masher to break up some of the larger tomatoes,  and the near the end I used an immersion blender sparingly to break up any other big pieces.

My tips for next time ( which may be tonight as I finish up the last of my tomatoes.)  I will probably add a few more jalapeño pepper or some other form of heat.  also I will let it simmer a little longer and/or possibly add a little cornstarch to help thicken it up a little more my first few jars were a little bit thin.

Finally if you have scaled this down you can refrigerate and eat in the near future, or follow proper canning procedures and store for later use or to give as gifts.

Here are a few shots of the process.

The box of tomatoes at the point when I thought I would never finish peeling them.

My little helper (she ate tomatoes while I peeled them.)

Salsa simmering away on the stove.

The final product.

Thank you for reading please let me know what you think and visit our sponsors.

September 06, 2010

My Busy Week

This past week has been a busy yet crafty week a few of the projects I completed are displayed below.

I had a wedding to go to and found myself in need of a formal dress length garment bag, so the first thing i did this week was, take a bolt of bold flowered fabric that I picked up at the local thrift shop for 6$ and make a bag for my dress some think the pattern is too bright but i really like it I have a white vintage Samsonite over night bag the goes wonderfully with it as far as I am concerned but please let me know what you think.

Garment Bag from vintage thrift store fabric

My next project was to get a dinner put together for a new mom in my mommy group.  I started by making a little taggy style blanket for the baby, some crayon rolls for the older siblings and then cooked a lasagna, breakfast bars, baked some croissants ( not from scratch) , made some jam, baked some cookies and some cereal snack mix so that she not only had dinner and gifts for the little one but some snacks for through out the day.  I've included a few photos below but and still not great at remembering to capture every thing so some things are not photographs and the one of every thing together is taken in my car with really bad lighting.

a gift for the new baby - a taggy blanky
Cereal Snack Mix - for the kids to snack on
Cereal Bars - my favorite mid morning (or anytime) snack
The dinner "box" all packaged up and ready to go.
You can see the crayon rolls, bag of croissants and cookies in this shot.
This past week I also made a selections of tarts for my sisters best friends wedding as part of her late night snack table but totally forgot to take pictures with is too bad as they were all mini and really cute.  ( I promises I will get better at this)

Finally I made a vat of salsa and canned it but since I still have another pot to make this weekend I will save the photos for another post once I have all the tomatoes canned!

have a great long weekend and next week i will share my salsa recipe, a few last min birthday gift ideas and a tutorial on how to make bracelets from clear plastic shower curtain rings. ( I made these last night with my 11 year old niece she enjoyed it, and took home supplies to make more with her friends)