June 02, 2013

30 Day Organizing Challenge Day 2 Results

30 Day Organizing Challenge 
Day 2
Organizing the Linen Closet

I am taking part in MrsJanuary.com An Organized Home in 30 Days Challenge and blogging about it here.

Todays Challenge was to clean out the linen closet, I started this challenge a) happy because I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and b) thinking it would be a quick task,  boy was I wrong about the second part it took me the better part of the afternoon (and it is still not fully done!)

Here is my starting point, one very messy linen closet.

I have just been shoving things into this closet for quite a while now,
this organization task was well over due.
The First thing I did was take my winter duvet off my bed and swap it for my summer weight bed cover (should have done this long before the AC was turned on).

Light weight bedding on for summer weather
better late than never!

Next I took out every thing one shelf at a time and dumped it on my bed to sort and fold

Only one shelves worth of stuff and it is over taking my bed.
Getting my piles of folded items all the same size was a little difficult so I took out my quilting ruler and measured my shelf and then used the ruler to help make nice uniformly folded sheets, towels and pillow cases.

I will be getting a piece of foam core or cardboard to leave in
my cupboard  to use as a guide from  now on.

Using the quilting ruler I to work refolding everything in my cupboard look at all these nicely folded items!

Top left picture has space for my winter duvet once it is cleaned and the bottom right pictures has space for the rest of the sleeping bags once I round them up from around the house.

I was left with a large pile of extra blankets, towels crib sheets that I will have to go through and either sell, donate or re-purpose.

Lots of items to donate (and my trusty quilting ruler!).

And after way too much time organizing
(or at least more that I thought it would take)
here is the final result.

One Organized Linen Closet.
Minus a few items that are in the wash.

I can not wait to find out what tomorrows challenge will be, maybe I will go and tackle that pile of stuff I took out of my linen closet before tomorrow starts!

30 Day Organizing Challenge Day 1 Results

30 Day Organizing Challenge 
Day 1
Organize Your Purse, Diaper Bag or Wallet

As part of getting back into blogging I am taking part in MrsJanuary.com An Organized Home in 30 Days Challenge and blogging about it here.

Well it was late last night but I finally went to my front hall and found this mess of purses and bags that I use on a regular bases.

I took all these bags and looked inside, none of these bags had every thing I would need if I needed to run out of the house right now, they were also so messy it would have been difficult to find what i needed easily.
A small clutch, a bag I took shopping, a bag with stuff for my kids and
a bag with my wallet and some crochet...none are useful on their own at the moment
So to Start I dumped every thing out on the Coffee Table.

Next I put things I did  not need in my every day bag away.

I put a spare bathing suit and towel in one bag to leave in the back of my front hall closet for last min play dates that may include a splash pad or pool.

I should add some sunscreen and hats to this bag then when needed i will
just need to grab snacks and water bottles and we will be good to go.

Then I placed out what was left on the coffee table and organized it into one easy to grab bag.
My bag will contain, a clutch with my wallet, change purse, mommy cards/business cards, the rest will go in my bag will have a  mini first aid kid (purple case), pens, hand lotion, lip balm, coupons (jean clutch), flyer/note pad folder, and mini crochet projects (flower pencil case).
Here is everything in my bag now!

And the final reveal,  my front entrance way now!

Todays Challenge........ Organize Your Linen Closet
I'm off to empty out my closest now :) check back later for an update on how I did.

June 01, 2013

House Warming Gift

As part of my getting back into blogging I found this post that I had written a while back and never posted for some reason that I can not remember at the moment but it is full of little craft ideas that are great for house warming gifts. so I shall share it now 

House warming Gift for a red and white kitchen.

My cousin recently moved into a new house and after some investigation I discovered that their kitchen was read and white, since it was near valentines day at the time I decided it was the perfect time to do a little kitchen care pack for them and their little girl.

This Gift includes a crochet dish cloth (hardly visible in top left corner) a crochet top dish towel (left) a S'mores in a Jar, a child's apron (right), all on a great serving tray and all tied up  with a bow and a chocolate lolly pop in the bow

Here is the Apron I made for their daughter, it is made from a valentines day tea towel and some decorative ribbon used as trim for the top.
1.  I just cut off some of the top to shorten the apron to the desired length
2. used a child's top to determine how big I wanted the arm holes to be and I then cut off the corners of the tea towel to match the shirt top.
3.  I ironed the cut edges over 2 times  and  sewed the edges down,
4.  Added the ribbons to tie the apron.
5. Used the piece cut off the top fold like bias tape then covered with ribbon to make the  neck tie.

 I did a quick drawing below to show you where I cut my tea towel.  I hope to be making more soon and will show you more step by steps pictures when I get time.

I have been making these S'mores in a jar for a while now,  I originally got the recipe form squawkfox but have made a few changes since then,  they make great hostess gifts with a tea towel or child's apron, at Christmas I gave them with little Christmas bears.

Dish Towel Topper

1: Cut the dish towel in half and fold the cut edge over twice to hide the rough edge.

Using the #7 Steel Hook, push the hook through the towel just below the fold and work a sc near the edge. 
Keep the edge folded as you work evenly spacing 56 more sc across the towel edge.
or you could use a sharp yarn needle and just did louse a chain stitch then use these as a sc.
 from the "Decorative Needlework" book, by May Morris.

Using a G Hook, ch 1, turn.

R2: Sc in ea sc. Ch 3, turn.

R3: (*Sk next unworked st, dc in next st, dc in st just skipped. [cr st made] 
Rep from * twice more. Dc in next st.) Rep from ( to ) across. Ch 3, turn.

R4-5: Cr st in ea cr st. Dc in ea dc. Ch 3, turn.
R6: Work a dc dec over the 2dc that form each cr st. Dc in each dc. Ch 3, turn.

R7: (Dc dec over next 2 sts) twice. *Dc in next st. (dc dec over next 2 sts) 5 times. Rep from * once. 
Dc in next st. (Dc dec over next 2 sts) twice. Dc in last dc. Ch 3, turn.

R8: *(Dc dec over next 2 sts) 4 times. Dc in next st. Rep from * once. Ch 3, turn.
R9: *(Dc dec over next 2 sts) twice. Dc in next st. Rep from * once. Ch 3, turn.
R10-19: Dc in ea st. Ch 3, turn.
R20: Dc in ea st. Ch 2, turn.
R21: Hdc in next 2 sts. Ch 1, hdc in last 3 sts. Ch 1, turn.
R22: Sc in same st as beg ch-1. 5 dc in ch-1 sp on prev. row. Sc in last st.
Fasten Off.

Finishing: Sew a button on the centre stitch of R10. 
The ch-1 sp on R20 is the button hole.

or a second pattern can be found here

Steel Hooks: Size 00 for crocheting and Size 10 for making the holes across the top of the dishtowel
Yarn: 4 ply worsted weight yarn ( I used Red Heart)
Dish Towel (one that has the same picture on each half)
Button, thread and needle.
Stitches used: ch, sl st, sc, dc, dc dec, tr.
Difficulty: MEDIUM

BEGIN: Cut the dish towel in half. Use the #10 steel hook to evenly space 44 holes across the top of the dish towel approximately 1 inch from the cut edge.
ROW 1: Fold the cut edge down twice (just above the holes you made) to form a hem. You can pin the entire hem down or fold as you go. Attach the yarn using the #00 hook in the 1st hole made on the right side of the dish towel. Ch 1. Sc in each hole across the top of the towel. This will secure the hem as well as give you a base for beginning the topper. Ch 1, turn.
ROW 2: Sl st in 1st sc, ch 3, dc in each rem sc across (44 dc). Ch 3, turn.
ROW 3: Dc in next 20 dc, dec over next 2 dc. [ * yo, insert hk in next st, yo, draw through 2 lps. Rep from * once more. (3 lps on hk) yo, draw through all 3 lps ] Dc in last 21 dc. Ch 3, turn.
ROW 4: * Sk next dc, dc in next dc. Repeat from * across. (22 dc). Ch 3, turn.
ROW 5: Dc in each dc. Ch 3, turn.
ROW 6: Dc in next 9 dc, dec over next 2 dc (refer to row 3), dc in last 10 dc. (21 dc) Ch 3, turn.
ROW 7: Rep Row 4. (11 dc)
ROWS 8-9: Rep Row 5.
ROW 10: Rep Row 4. (6 dc)
ROWS 11-21: Rep Row 5.
ROW 22: Rep Row 5, but Ch 1 instead of 3 at the end.
ROW 23: Working in between the 3rd and 4th dcs on Row 22, work 8 tr in that sp. Sl st in last st, turn.
ROW 24: * Ch 3, sc in next st. Rep from * across the tr sts. Sl st in the last st.

S'mores recipe

Layer in a large wide mouthed quart mason jar or other similar large jar:

1 1/2 cups Graham Cracker crumbs mixed with 1/3 Cup brown sugar

 or 1 Cup crumbs mixed with 1/3 Cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup teddy Graham type cookies

1cups chocolate chips or mini Hershey Kisses or M&M’s

1 cup miniature marshmallows. (in a separate bag seasonal bags work well.)

Tags from squawk-fox can be found here

or print these instructions on a tag of your own.

S'mores in a 
Jar Directions

1. remove marshmallows form jar
2. Combine remaining ingredients with 1/3 Cup melted butter and 1tsp vanilla
3. press into a 9 inch square pan and top with marshmallows
4. Bake at 350 F for 15 or until marshmallows have melted and are slightly brown.
5. Let cool Completely (although they do taste good warm but are very messy)
6. Cut into squares and enjoy.
*Makes 12 Yummy bars that freeze well.

Hello Again and the Organizing Challenge

Hello Again Everyone

It has been a long time since I have taken the time to share my Craftyness with you.  This is not because I have not been crafty but more because I have gotten busy and probably a little lazy also my place is kinda messy and often I feel some tidying needs to be done before I can take pictures to show and then well .... It just kinda falls by the way side. I have decided I am going to try to ease back into doing more crafting and more blogging, and the way I have decided to do this is by taking part in an organizing challenge on one of my favorite Thrifty blogs, Mrs January.com. and I will try my best to share my results with you here on my blog.

I have decided to share this here as one of the biggest obstacle I have when wanting to be crafty is not having an organized and tidy home, to be crafty in, so my hope is that by the end of June I will have a more pleasant place to be crafty and continue to share my craftiness with you.

So who is with me?

check out the 1st challenge here:

Organized Home

I will be organizing my bags and wallets in the front hall this morning and will share my results with you later today. have a great day and please let me know if you decided to take part as well.