June 02, 2013

30 Day Organizing Challenge Day 1 Results

30 Day Organizing Challenge 
Day 1
Organize Your Purse, Diaper Bag or Wallet

As part of getting back into blogging I am taking part in MrsJanuary.com An Organized Home in 30 Days Challenge and blogging about it here.

Well it was late last night but I finally went to my front hall and found this mess of purses and bags that I use on a regular bases.

I took all these bags and looked inside, none of these bags had every thing I would need if I needed to run out of the house right now, they were also so messy it would have been difficult to find what i needed easily.
A small clutch, a bag I took shopping, a bag with stuff for my kids and
a bag with my wallet and some crochet...none are useful on their own at the moment
So to Start I dumped every thing out on the Coffee Table.

Next I put things I did  not need in my every day bag away.

I put a spare bathing suit and towel in one bag to leave in the back of my front hall closet for last min play dates that may include a splash pad or pool.

I should add some sunscreen and hats to this bag then when needed i will
just need to grab snacks and water bottles and we will be good to go.

Then I placed out what was left on the coffee table and organized it into one easy to grab bag.
My bag will contain, a clutch with my wallet, change purse, mommy cards/business cards, the rest will go in my bag will have a  mini first aid kid (purple case), pens, hand lotion, lip balm, coupons (jean clutch), flyer/note pad folder, and mini crochet projects (flower pencil case).
Here is everything in my bag now!

And the final reveal,  my front entrance way now!

Todays Challenge........ Organize Your Linen Closet
I'm off to empty out my closest now :) check back later for an update on how I did.

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