June 28, 2011

Repurpose Fabric for my Daughters room

This past week was a week for re-purposing  some fabric to add some touches to her room.

earlier in the week she asked me for a garbage can.. and while I had a few plain white ones kicking around that was just not going to do for her room so following the instructions to make the Crayon Holder I made last week, I covered an old garbage can that was not being used with a receiving blanket that was also no longer being used.  then to help her keep the bag in her garbage and add a little decoration I made a band That I had seen earlier in the week, the flower is the same one I make for the flower hats earlier this year.

DD's Trash can for her used Tissues!
she quickly filled it by pretending to blow her nose! lol!

Then another project I had been meaning to do was make something out of my daughters out grown favourite shirt, I had a little fabric left over from the reviving blanket so I used that to back a pillow made from her favourite t-shirt so now she can sleep with it every night!

Back of pillow using the butterfly from the receiving blanket
used on the garbage can.
DDs favourite Pony shirt can now be slept with every night!

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  1. The trash bag bag holder upper turned out cute ;)