June 09, 2011

Revive old Playdoh!

Save your Dried out Play-Doh

Sick of taking out your child's Play-doh toys to play with and find it full of dried out Play-doh?  or open that container that was only used once to find it is kinda dry now?  Dont throw it out you can bring it back to its old Play-dohey goodness!

Step 1

Divide your dried out bits into piles of like colours or colours that will blend well together to make a nice new colour.  There is a lot of red ( the container was left open)

It is better if a bit of it is a little ply able like the blue to the right here, it is not necessary but will make the process go a bit quicker.
 Step 2

Place the like colours in a sturdy plastic bag (un-used breast milk bags are great for small amounts or freezer bags for larger amounts)  with a small amount of water,  just a few tea spoons trust me (you will see later what happens if you use to much) you can always add more later if need be.

one trick you can use is ball up the doh in your hand and run it under water  this works well if the Play-doh is not completely dried out then place it in a bag.

Step 3

Let the Bags sit for a few hours or over night.

Step 4

Kneed the Play-doh in the bag this keeps your hands from taking on the colours of the Play-Doh.  If the Play-doh still feels dry or is not blending well add a very small amount of water to the bag...Just a few drops trust me.

Here are 2 of the bags after kneading these are well blended with just a few very small bumps of hard Play-doh mixed in  just leave them in the bag for a few more hours or over night again you can knead periodically to speed up the process a little.

 These two bags still had a lot of dry bits left in them so I added a little water and let them sit for a while before kneading again.

the blue turned out fine after lots of periodic kneading but the red you will see what happens when you add too much water.
 If you add to much water you have a few options
1. knead it by hand for a while, it will be messy but it will dry out quite a bit, you can mix it with some Play-doh that is of a normal texture this will help a lot also let it sit out for a small while (30 min or so) then bag it back up, you dont want to dry out too much.
 After Kneading the read and letting it sit out for a bit before  re-bagging it over night it was still a little sticky so I added some cornstarch and this seamed to do the trick although I did add quite a bit to it ( you could use some flour too I am sure.
Step 5

Take the Play-doh out of the bags, give them a good kneading by hand  and you are ready to play... or put it in an air tight container until next time.

I managed to fill 4 containers with like new Play-doh for my little princesses.

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