June 21, 2011

Crayon holder...

Mini Marker/ Crayon Holder
that is "baby proof too"

My eldest daughter recently got some mini pip sqeak markers and loves using them however there are so many of them that they often end up all over the table or floor and her little trouble maker of a baby sister tries to take them away from her!

Solution Create a pretty tin to keep them in so that she can see all the colours at once, they dont roll off her table and when closed her sister can not get to the markers!

Materials Needed

1 can with plastic lid that will fit your crayons or markers
1 peice of fabric that will cover the sides of your can
1 can of spray glue
1 Fray check
1 can of clear spraypaint (optional)
1 quilting ruler and rotary cutter (optional)or ruler and scissors)
1 scissors
1 can of clear spraypaint (optional)
1 peice of  card stock (not pictures I used an old file folder also optional)

I ended up not using the glue gun 

I started by Spraying the outer edge and inside of the can with clear spray paint to help seal the edges since they were a little rough where the stay fresh seal had been removed, this is a totaly otional step I spayed my can in a cardboard box with one side cut out in a well ventalated area but you could also do this outside.
( I also used this set up again  later on)

Next is the other optional step I decided to line the cans bottom inside, I traced the can onto a peice of card stock and cut just inside the lines for a snug fit.  then glue it to the bottom of the can after checking for fit ( I used a little spray glue, however any craft glue would work here (such as the unused glue gun in my picture)

Now on to the necessaries part.

Measure the height minus the top and bottom lip and approximate circumference of the can, cut a peice of fabric the height of the can and a little longer than circumference of the can.

Next wrap your fabric around your can and chek for fit, if it needs to be cut down a bit more do that now, you want the fabric to come just up to the top but not over it or the lid may not fit back on properly.
note you want a little overlap of the fabric (about 1/2 a centamiter or so)

next spray the outside of the can with spray glue and wrap with the fabric around your can, let the glue dry then trim the overplap as close to the seam as possible

finally along the exposed eges of the fabric drip some fray check and let it dry this step will keep the edges of your fabric from fraying and also help glue them to the can a little as well. 
(This is actually quite stinky and you may want to do this outside as-well, the smell does not last long though.)

Fill with crayons or markers and let your little one colour away.

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