June 18, 2011

No Melt Popsicle Tutorial...and Healthy Too!

No Melt Popsicle

Cantaloupe and blueberry flavour

I have 2 Young girls at home and many nieces and neighbours that like to visit my place and when the weather begins to get hot as Popsicles are always in high demand.  I avoid artificial flavours, colours and added sugar when ever possible so I tried to make my own when ever possible, I also find that little ones often put them down and forget about them, at times in places you don’t see (like last week my 4 year old left hers on the end table in the basement for a least half an hour before I noticed, and since it was one of these she was able to pick it up and finish it!) and you don’t want a big sticky puddle, So I came up with these popsicles they are easily made with fruit and juice from your fridge, perhaps that nearly over ripe fruit that you need to use up (that is what this batch was made from) try it out and see how many flavours you can come up with!

Ingredients and tools needed:

Food processor (or blender even a potato masher would work)
Measuring cups (4 Cupper and 1 or 2 cupper)
Measuring spoons
Small bowl
Mixing spoon
Sauce pan
Popsicle moulds or paper cups and sticks

Cantaloupe or other Soft Fruit to blend (watermelon, peaches, canned pears all work well too.)
Blueberries or other fruit to stir in
Apple Juice or other non citrus juice or water
Unflavoured Gelatine powder or flavoured if you want 

Step 1
Cut up your Cantaloupe and blend until smooth 
 measure the amount you have, in my case it is about 2 cups.

Cantaloup ready to pure.
2 Cups of Puréed Cantaloup

Step 2

Pour  apple juice (or other liquid of your choice) into a separate measuring cup. 
Measure  enough juice to make a full number of cups of liquid in my 
case that will be 1cup  to make 3 cups total.

1 Cup of apple Juice.
Step 3

Measure and "bloom" your gelatine.  

You will need one pouch of unflavoured gelatine per 2 Cups of liquid,(or just a little more is fine too)  that is equal to 1 Table spoon of gelatine per 2 Cups of liquid if you buy your gelatine from a bulk store.

I used 4 table spoons (2 packets) of gelatine(follow directions on your package) for 3 cups of thick “juice”.

Blooming means put a small amount of your apple juice into your gelatine and let set for 15 min to begin dissolving and avoid lumps.

Bloomed gelatine and remaining apple juice
Step 4

Place gelatine and the rest of your apple juice in a sauce pan and
put on low heat to fully dissolve the gelatine. Then remove form
heat and let cool for 5 min or so.

This does not need to come to a boil just ensure the gelatine is fully dissolved.

Fully dissolved gelatine
Step 5

Mix apple sauce gelatine into cantaloupe mixture 
and mix in blueberries (or other additive of you choice )I  used a full pint.

Step 6

Spoon mixture into the popsicle mould. (Yes I have a crazy amount of
molds as I only want to do this every few weeks, I normally make a bigger batch)
Moulds ready to be filled.
All filled up and ready to freeze

Step 7

Freeze your popcicles.

Sitting in my messy freezer

Step 8

Unmould and enjoy.

My Popsicle Monsters enjoying a Watermelon Blueberry popsicles earlier this week.

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