February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Treats: Gummy Roses

The past week has been a furry of valentines crafts and baking around this house today I will post a few of the projects we have worked on.

the first project was crated after reading a post over at craft berry blush on how to make some gummy treat roses.I knew I had to try it.  here are my results:

I started with the following 

  This was my beginning materials
2 Gummies
a Stick
a rolling pin
some granulated sugar  
and some scissors ( not pictured)

and finished up with this.

Here is a finished rose.

If you did not go over to the tutorial you really should but if not here is a quick review.

simply roll out the gum drop in the sugar then cut into pedal shaped pieces and wrap around your stick.
fir the leafs after rolling the mint leaf out I just cut it in two  they were the perfect size!

see so easy!

The final product a bouquet of roses all individually wrapped to give to a few special little girls on valentines day.

Enjoy! more to come soon

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