February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Crafts: Making Paper

Making our Own paper for Valentine Cards 

Earlier this week we decided to embark on a paper making mission to make our own special valentine cards here is the adventure.

First the little ones ripped up an old egg carton and some old colouring sheets and place the pieces in a food processor ( the food processor was not plugged in at this point)
We added some water and they got to make the machine go... that is when they were not running away hiding from the noise.
There next step was to add some food colouring and sparkles  to the mix, the colour deepens as the paper dries

Next the little ones spread a thin layer of the pulp into the decal ( i got this one in a craft kit at a thrift shop however they can be made from some fine screen and wood) and pressed some of the excess water out ( I know this is not the normal way but it produces a thinker paper that will still dry fairly quickly.)

I then placed the paper on some parchment paper and placed it in my convection oven at 170 F for about an hour or so to help it on its way to drying.
Finally the kids ripped the paper  into a heart shape I had traced for them and decorated for their favourite people.

* Note: We had way more pulp than we needed! Had I had more time I could have made  extra sheets for later use.

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