February 04, 2011

My Light Tent

In My last post I showed you a craft that was mad by my 3 year old daughter.  Today I wanted to show you what I used to take the picture of her ground hog.

I took this picture as an after thought so you will have to mind my mess.

It was a home made light tent,  the nice thing about this one is that it is collapsable so it does not take up much room and also the white background can be replace with different colours of  bristol board.

Light tent all folded up with a the Bristol boards rolled up and sitting on top.

The tutorial I used to make my first light tent can be found here.

Unfortunately I only had one light back when this photo was taken ideally
I would have 3 lights when using a light tent, or at least 2.

The changes I made form the tutorial are listed below.

1 - I used foam core so that it was already white
2 - I made the sides and top as separate pieces so that they could be folded up to store flat
3 - I made this one a little wider.

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