February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Treats: Chocolate Pops a Tutorial

Valentine Chocolat Pops; the tutorial

I Love to arrange treats on a stick for my guests to eat or take home as a snack. I have been making these since I was a little girl with my mom, and now that she does not make them any more I have been given all her old molds. 

Yes I have an entire cupboard full of molds!

The Tutorial

The first step is to melt the coloured chocolate that you will be using to paint the front of the pops, I uses little ceramic bowls made my Wilton for just this purpose to microwave the chocolate on half power (I use the defrost setting) and keep it warm while working Using these bowls allow you to use small amounts of chocolate and not worry about getting water into the chocolate from the steam of your double boiler.

one tip is to be sure you do not put a bowl in the middle of your microwave this is a sure fire way to burn that chocolate that is why I put them on the outside of a plate also this gives you something to easily pick them up with and transfer them to your working surface.

 Next step is to paint the front of you molds with the coloured chocolates.
 Plain molds are great for letting little kids paint.
 The main thing is to make sure you have a nice thick coating.

 Next Step is to melt the chocolate again I use a ceramic bowl from Wilton this one is just a larger size.  and again I use my microwave on the defrost setting a min at a time.
 Next I top up the bowl with rice crisp cereal,  I do this for two reasons;

1. It means you can use less chocolate.
2. I find they taste better this way.
Here is the consistency you are going for, you will find you need to stir it for a little bit to fully incorporate the rice crisps.
Next you will place the sticks in your pops.
 and place a small dollup of the chocolate micture in the pops ( you can always add more it is hard to remove extra though)
 I use the stick to smooth out some of the bits and ensure the stick gets fully covered in chocolate.
You may need to add more, note how as you get to the end of the bowl you will have less rice crisps this helps to  smooth out the backs... just a little too much and the mold wil over flow.

The last step is to tap the mold on the counter surface in order to flatten the back out and remove any bubbles from the pop.  then let cool on the counter or in a cool spot... not the fridge the chocolate will turn whitish.

Also be sure to let them cool for a long enough time or the chocolate surface may separate, from the rest of the pop.

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