February 21, 2011

Valentines Day Crafts: Marbled Paper for Envelopes

Last post of valentine crafts... at least for this year!  I saw a tutorial over at craftster quite a while ago and was reminded of it recently and decided it would be fun to do with my 3 year old while the baby slept.  this craft is perfect for all kinds of paper crafts including scrap booking.

The craft involves spraying some foam shaving cream in cookie sheet and then adding some food colouring and running a stick or tooth pick through the foam to mix up the colours. the next step is to lay your paper in the foam and pull up, let it sit for a few min and them off with a paper towel in one direction then finally let it dry for a few more min, and voila marbled paper.
An envelope for dads valentine card

here are our results.  there was minimal mess but i do suggest you clean it up quickly or you could have a bit of a stain on your work surface.  also I used gel food dies as that was all I had on hand next time I will be sure to  thin them out a bit with water oil or glycerine before dying it will mean less mixing of the shaving cream.

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