February 14, 2011

Project Bathroom: Day Three

So day three arrived and I was feeling awful... huge sinus headach,  so I took a nap in the morning and unforunately did not wake up until about 30 min after the baby went down for her nap, 3 and a half hours later she was still napping...

finaly I was able to get started again... it went incredibly quickly.

Day Three

Step One remove the rest of the drywall the remaining wall and ceiling to me a little more than an hour including time to clean up the  bits of drywall and and nails form the room.
 the things you find when you removes walls... this return vent does not appear to be attached to a vent.
 However it looks like the dry wall may have been acting as the vent will have to look closer once the tub is removed.
And the best part of day 3... one last bubble bath to relax before the new tub is installed!

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