February 13, 2011

Project Bathroom: Day One and two

This is not entirely crafty but it is definitely a project and there will be decorating involved so I figured I would share my Renos with you.

Well it is finally time to update our main bathroom and get rid of the painted tile! this has been annoying me since we moved in nearly 5 years ago.

Now I want to apologise I forgot to take a proper before picture so this on is actually before we moved in so the accessories are not mine however the tile and wallpaper were still there ( half peeling off paper and paint) 4 plus year later.
again I forgot to take pictures as I first started

Day one
Over a series of 15 min bursts of work I removed the drywall on the left of this picture, no more than an hour total time.

Day 2
Next was the tile   it took me about 30 min to remove all the tile form this wall. it came of fairly easily.
On the morning of day 2 The new tub arrived and as you can see there was a lovely gouge/ scratch in it!  It took me a while but I finally got the store to agree to not only deliver the replacement tub for free but also by courier so that they will deliver it right up to the bathroom for me.  ( originally they wanted me to bring back the old one and pick up a new one with their rental van and they would just waive the rental fees! I hated driving the van and would not have anyone to help me as I had arranged all the help for today so this was not an option I would accept!)

A close up of the scratch... and It should be noted that this is the only one I saw since i did not unpack the tub further there could have been more!

Still Day two

I had people coming over this evening ( they were supposed to bring the tub upstairs for me...
but I managed to get the drywall of this wall off before they were due to be here... about another 30 min, I needed to be careful of the pipes here.

I discover that putting the garbage bags in an Ikea bag is a great way to bring them from the bathroom out to the garage much easier to hold these handles than the bag.
Still Day 2

later that evening I tackled the rest of the tile it only took me about an hour total including the time it took me to  clean up the mess from the afternoon  and the mess this made.
Yes Still Day 2

ok so  by now it was 10:30 but I just keep wanting to do one more little bit... that little bit ended up being the dry wall on the back wall......
and a little bit from the ceiling above the tub...

It may have been more however I did not want to clean up this mess at the time so I went to bed....

I really cant believe the girls slept through all of this  evening work one of their bedrooms is on the other side of this wall!

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