June 02, 2013

30 Day Organizing Challenge Day 2 Results

30 Day Organizing Challenge 
Day 2
Organizing the Linen Closet

I am taking part in MrsJanuary.com An Organized Home in 30 Days Challenge and blogging about it here.

Todays Challenge was to clean out the linen closet, I started this challenge a) happy because I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and b) thinking it would be a quick task,  boy was I wrong about the second part it took me the better part of the afternoon (and it is still not fully done!)

Here is my starting point, one very messy linen closet.

I have just been shoving things into this closet for quite a while now,
this organization task was well over due.
The First thing I did was take my winter duvet off my bed and swap it for my summer weight bed cover (should have done this long before the AC was turned on).

Light weight bedding on for summer weather
better late than never!

Next I took out every thing one shelf at a time and dumped it on my bed to sort and fold

Only one shelves worth of stuff and it is over taking my bed.
Getting my piles of folded items all the same size was a little difficult so I took out my quilting ruler and measured my shelf and then used the ruler to help make nice uniformly folded sheets, towels and pillow cases.

I will be getting a piece of foam core or cardboard to leave in
my cupboard  to use as a guide from  now on.

Using the quilting ruler I to work refolding everything in my cupboard look at all these nicely folded items!

Top left picture has space for my winter duvet once it is cleaned and the bottom right pictures has space for the rest of the sleeping bags once I round them up from around the house.

I was left with a large pile of extra blankets, towels crib sheets that I will have to go through and either sell, donate or re-purpose.

Lots of items to donate (and my trusty quilting ruler!).

And after way too much time organizing
(or at least more that I thought it would take)
here is the final result.

One Organized Linen Closet.
Minus a few items that are in the wash.

I can not wait to find out what tomorrows challenge will be, maybe I will go and tackle that pile of stuff I took out of my linen closet before tomorrow starts!

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