September 21, 2010

Patch Your Jeans with Flair ... The Tutorial

As promised here  is the tutorial for how I patched my jeans I was inspired by the tutorial over at Make It Do I added a few steps to make the patch hold up a little bit better. With out further ado here it is.

Collect the materials Needed
Pre made patch (purchased from Walmart)
Fabric for appliqué
Cookie cutter to  use as template
Stamp to transfer the pattern
embroidery floss
Not shown
scissors, needle, thimble, embroidery hoop and heat and bond

Pick a cookie cutter that will cover the hole you need to cover.
Place the cookie cutter on an ink pad with light pressure (you do not want to damage the pad)
then press the cutter firmly on the back side of your patch that way if you need to reposition or re stamp to leave a darker mark  it you will not leave a mark that will show on your finished project.

Cut out the shaped patch and also create a small patch to cover the back side of the hole you want to patch  it will help keep the patch from ironing on to the back side of your pant leg!

Trim the lose threads from your hole to help remove any bumps from the patch

Iron the hole flat so that there will be not wrinkles under the patch

Cut out the fabric that you would like to use as an appliqué and iron it onto a small piece of heat and bond,  I covered the piece with parchment paper while ironing to protect the iron.  ( there is a second piece for another project I was patching) be sure to follow the instructions on the heat and bond package.)

Cut out the applies and then iron the patches onto the hole putting the small square inside the jeans with the back side up.

Once the patch has cooled ( be sure to wait or the patch may come unstuck)  place the section in an embroidery hoop and pick out the colours of floss you would like to embellish the patch with.

When Stitching,  be sure to go through all the layers of fabric ( I needed a thimble to get it through all the layers) this will help keep the patch down during wear and wash.
It is hard to see but I did the yellow around the centre, Green around the flower then the orange around the whole patch.

Now this step I think is important to keep the knee from getting a new whole right next to the patch.  turn the leg inside out and place a few pieces from the patch that you cut up to extent the patch beyond what is showing and cover any other areas that are stating to thin,  also to cover the knots of the floss to keep them from coming undone.  Again let it cool before turning back inside right.

While you are waiting for it to cool you could patch a few other pieces of clothing, this is the hem on one of my favourite zip up sweaters that got melted some how,  so I added a little flower over the hole.

I ironed it on using a press cloth and then since it was on an edge used my sewing machine to go around the patch.

and here they are on, I may need to do the other knee soon !

Enjoy, happy crafting and please visit my sponsors.

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