October 31, 2010

A last minute Halloween Pillowcase Ghost Dress

One Happy Little Ghost.
So the other night I was thinking my eldest daughter needed a Halloween top to wear during the day Saturday as we are having company to visit and she only has one Halloween top and it was already dirty.  I remember having seen a cute top something like this on my many web travels however I can not find the one that inspired me at this time.  So late Thursday I took some white satiny fabric I had laying around and quickly sewed up a pillow case dress/top ( this is my first attempt at this style of dress) and then Friday I made a quick freezer paper stencil and painted a ghost face on the dress ( also a first for me... I have been wanting to try this for a while). I only had acrylic paint no I am not sure how color fast this will be but it will last for the weekend which is all that is important.  I will report later once I have washed it about how well it has held up.

A close up of the paint job

The dress hung up over a black shirt.

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