March 10, 2011

Home Made Apple Butter... The Easy Way

Oven Method Apple Butter

Any one who has ever bought apple butter at a farmers market knows it can be pricey, It really does not have to be.  for the price of a jar of unsweetened apple sauce ( a little over a dollar) you can have a wonderful jar of apple butter to enjoy at any time.

If you have tiered to make apple butter before you have probably had a pot of apples on the stove top and was stirring for ever!  there is no need, I will show you how.

To start all you will need is a jar of unsweetened apple sauce and any spices you might like to add  such as cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves...remember less is more since the flavours will concentrate in the final product, I actually like using just apple sauce.

Step 1  mix apple sauce and any spices into an oven proof casserole. for one jar of apple sauce you want no more than a tablespoon of spices.

Step 2 Place in oven at 200F and set timer for 30-45 min.

Step 3 Stir every 30 min or so for the next few hours 2 to 4 hours.

Step 4 once the apple sauce has thickened and become about half the volume you will still place in sterilized preserve jars and heat process just as you would jam, I always error on the side of a little too long it is not going to hurt it. (I processed for 15 min)

Step 5 Enjoy this batch made one and one half pint jars. but you could easily up scale this recipe and make a huge pot with a few jars of apple sauce or fresh apples when they are in season from home-made apple sauce.

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