November 26, 2010

My favourite diaper bag...

So I was over at Craft Gossip before Halloween and saw the cutest little diaper bag made from the babies outgrown overalls and as luck would have it I had a pair sitting at the front door that I loved and was just about to give away so I dragged them down stairs to my machine and pulled up the tutorial over at Sew and Grow  and shortly their after I had a cute little bag made from a pair of my favourite baby overalls.

I love this bag because I attaches to your purse and therefore you only need to throw one bag strap over your shoulder.  it is also great for leaving the little ones at a babysitter, grandma or other spot just unsnap the bag and leave it with them. Finally it can be strapped onto a stroller quickly so you have easy access to the snaks.

the only thing I would do different next time and there will be a next time is use a pair of overalls that are not made from a knit fabric that way it will not bulge so much when stuffed full and hold its shape a little better.

Attached to my purse.

the back of the overalls... the reason I like this pair so much.
Such a cute little monkey.

The inside of the bag.
Enough room for drapers, wipes a bottle and a toy.

A better look at the bottle holder made from the pant leg.

Hanging off the back of the stroller
another great place to use it.
If any of my friends would like to have a bag made form their favorite pair of baby overalls let me know and we can work something out.

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