January 21, 2011

My Favourite Pretzels

My Treat for Today

My neighbour has been craving pretzels lately which reminded me that I have not made any in a while so that is what I did this morning while the baby slept.  I use Alton Browns recipe it is super easy and always gives me awesome results.  the recipe makes 8 large pretzels I normally take the last 2 or 3 and cut them in half to make smaller ones for the girls.  The other thing i did differently is to swap out one of the cups of flour for whole wheat flour swapping one cup does not change the flavour or texture at all but does increase the nutritional value a bit. Another tip I would add is that if you do not have pretzel salt like he calls for (I have been unable to find any yet)  Just sprinkle on a small amount of coarse pickling salt, remember that a little goes a long way!

next time I make them I think I will try and make a double batch and then after boiling them I will freeze them and see how they cook up after defrosting, I'll keep you posted

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