January 18, 2011

Scrap book frame gift and other updates...

Well December and the first half of January has gone by in a whirlwind of activity, family, and a few small bouts of the flu around here, now that life is a little back to normal I will take some time updating you on projects I completed during this time and things I am currently working on.

I did complete a second family frame for my husbands mother and it turned out very well, She loved it, in fact she actually cried when she saw it she liked it so much.

I also finished the Christmas stockings for my second daughter (born 2 weeks before Christmas last year) and my mother in law that spends every other Christmas with us, I had been putting it off for too long!

The stockings are the perfect place to hide the battery packs for the garland.

about 4 years ago when I made my husband and my stockings I sewed about 8 feet of the striped Christmas material that way as people join our family I will be able to crate a new stocking for them that will match although in time I may need to buy slightly different eyelet or backing material they will all have the same fronts. ( I have a thing about wanting all my Christmas things to match my tree needs to have all matching decorations as well.)

I will update with a few more presents I made and other things I have been working on soon.

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